Dr. Francisco Javier Solorio Ordaz
Dr. Francisco Javier Solorio OrdazHead of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Division
Ing. Miriam G. Mendoza Cano
Ing. Miriam G. Mendoza CanoAcademic Secretary of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Division
Dr. Adrián Espinosa Bautista
Dr. Adrián Espinosa BautistaHead of the Design and Manufacturing Engineering Department
M.I. Silvina Hernández García
M.I. Silvina Hernández GarcíaHead of the Industrial Engineering Department
Dr. Edmundo Rocha Cozatl
Dr. Edmundo Rocha CozatlHead of the Mechatronics Department
Dr. Rafael Chávez Martínez
Dr. Rafael Chávez MartínezHead of the Mechatronics Department
Mtro. Serafín Castañeda Cedeño
Mtro. Serafín Castañeda CedeñoHead of the Biomedical Systems Engineering Department
Dr. Alejandro Ramírez Reivich
Dr. Alejandro Ramírez ReivichHead of the Graduate Mechanical Engineering Department
Dr. Javier Suarez Rocha
Dr. Javier Suarez RochaHead of the Graduate Department of Planning, Transport and Financial Optimation
Dra. Francis Irene Soler Anguiano
Dra. Francis Irene Soler AnguianoHead of the Graduate Department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
MI. Antonio Zepeda Sánchez
MI. Antonio Zepeda SánchezCoordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Career
Ing. Cynthia Nelly Peña Belmont