The program of Mechanical Engineering forms professionals who, through the use of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and engineering techniques, provide society with tools and goods that allow it to take advantage of natural resources, to meet material, social and even intellectual needs of persons.

Admission profile

The student interested in joining the degree in Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM must be graduated from the National Preparatory School, College of Sciences and Humanities or other programs of preparatory education. It is desirable that you have studied the area of Physical-Mathematical Sciences or the set of subjects related to these fields of knowledge in the College of Sciences and Humanities, or other curricula of preparatory education. In all cases, the desirable profile includes the following knowledge, skills and attitudes.


• General mathematics in algebra, analytical geometry and differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable.
• General physics, particularly regarding to topics related to classical, static and kinematic mechanics, thermodynamics, and electricity and magnetism.
• General inorganic chemistry.
• Basic computer skills.
• English, at least at the level of text comprehension.


• Oral and written communication in Spanish.
• Reading comprehension in English.
• Research.
• Adapting to new situations.
• In using basic computational tools (programming logic, word processor, spreadsheets).
• Capacity for analysis and synthesis.
• To develop projects that involve manual skills and to communicate correctly.


• Willingness to work in teams.
• Be creative and innovative.
• Be disciplined
• Be honest
• Be responsable
• Be critical
• Have the drive for improvement.

Profile when graduating

Graduates of the Faculty of Engineering must have capacities for innovation, potential to contribute to the creation of technologies and entrepreneurial attitude, with social sensitivity and professional ethics; and with potential and vocation to become a factor of change.

• Develop a vocation for professional service.
• Promote the change in mentality in the face of international competitiveness.
• Be willing to keep up to date in knowledge.
• Seek the conservation of the environment.
• Participate in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary working groups.


The student graduated from Mechanical Engineering will have a comprehensive training and an orientation to a field of knowledge of choice deepening in automation, design, materials and manufacturing, or thermofluids. In general terms, at the end of their professional training, the graduate will possess the following knowledge, skills and attitudes to apply in real life.


• Strong in mathematics, physics and engineering sciences.
• On mathematical modeling of physical phenomena and optimization.
• It will be enriched with the knowledge gained from the subjects of the field chosen by the student.
• On information and communication techniques (ICTs), for their full professional performance.
• Strong knowledge of mother tongue and one more language, preferably English.


• To solve problems of design of electromechanical systems, equipment and devices, of thermal processes and of manufacture.
• To modify and develop equipment and processes aimed at transforming natural resources into energy and products useful for society in a sustainable way.
• To design, install, select, and integrate the necessary equipment for the improvement of mechanical, electromechanical and thermal systems.
• To apply their knowledge in the management and improvement of manufacturing processes, as well as basic systems for their control.
• To make decisions that allow you to solve problems that occur in your professional life.
• To be able to cope with new situations, as well as needs and resources of recent innovation.
• Have good oral and written communication.


Professional type:
• Confidence in your academic preparation.
• Creative and innovative.
• Disciplined and dynamic.
• Entrepreneur and leader.
• Honest, responsible and critical.
• Desire for continuous updating and improvement.
• Business attitude.

Social type:
• Aware of the national problems, based on the knowledge of the country´s reality.
• Vocation for professional service.
• Promotor of change in the mentality when facing international competitiveness.
• Willing to keep up to date in your field of knowledge.
• Willing to seek the conservation of the environment.
• Willing to participate in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary working groups.

Professional profile

As Mechanical Engineer, you will be able to perform analysis based on your knowledge of physics and mathematics, as well as to develop and provide solutions in product design, manufacturing processes, optimum application of materials, and in the evaluation and development of thermal systems, machines and mechanisms.

In the material processing industry, you will be responsible for the production, advise to the sales division, and oversee the maintenance of the machinery.

In energy generation, you will be concerned with improving methods and take care of the environment.

You will be able to do research, technological development and transmit the knowledge through teaching.