Facultad de Ingeniería


Generate human resources in Engineering with a comprehensive education of academic excellence, with ecological, ethical and humanist conscience, that commits them to stay permanently updated; capable of solving problems in a creative and innovative way according to the field of their competence; as well as to carry out scientific and applied research depending on society needs and the impact on national development.


The Faculty of Engineering is an educational institution of excellence, a national reference and of international prestige. It forms professionals at the Bachelor and Graduate levels, highly competitive and demanded by all productive sectors thanks to their engineering knowledge. The academic staff is leader in its field, with high scientific and technological productivity, such that they can do leading research looking for solutions to the national problems. To achieve this vision, the academic staff should encourage the student’s participation in research projects and support the publishing of their achievements in refereed journals, both national and international. On the other hand, the Faculty of Engineering must establish long term strategies, based on ethics, team work, honesty, perseverance, equality, responsibility and rationality in the use of resources that allow it to achieve its goals and consolidate this vision in a first class academic-administrative environment.

225 years after its creation, the Faculty combines tradition and modernity; Is the oldest engineering school in the continent and has academics of recognized prestige and state-of-the-art facilities.

With an academic offer of 13 undergraduate, 7 doctoral and 10 master's programs, the Faculty of Engineering serves a population of almost 15 thousand students providing a solid background in basic sciences as well as socio-humanistic.

Culture is also a priority through the realization of various artistic activities, such as the International Book Fair of the Palace of Mining and the Symphony Orchestra of Mining.

For the updating of its teaching staff, it has the Ing. Gilberto Borja Navarrete Teaching Center. On the other hand, it develops projects of connection with the productive sectors public and private, in which teachers and researchers of diverse areas take part.

Its extensive infrastructure includes the majestic Palace of Mining and facilities in the states of Morelos, Querétaro and Nuevo León: Hydraulic Postgraduate Area in Jiutepec, the High Technology Center in Juriquilla and the Polo University of Advanced Technology in Monterrey.

To publish its progress and achievements, it publishes the refereed journal Engineering Research and Technology and various publications.

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