The seal of the Faculty of Engineering is represented by the same elements that appear in the seal of UNAM; the eagle, the condor, the volcanoes, and the of cactus wreath. At the center of the shield is the triangle of universal equilibrium in the center of which is a circle divided into four quadrants representing the cardinal points on which any engineering project is supported. It also shows, symbolically a theodolite that represents the accuracy of the line and includes a circular sector that means the permanence in time of the engineering works.


  • Escudo FI negro
  • Escudo FI rojo
  • Escudo FI azul
  • Escudo FI blanco
  • Escudo FI color
  • Escudo UNAM negro
  • Escudo UNAM rojo
  • Escudo UNAM azul
  • Escudo UNAM blanco
  • Escudo UNAM color
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