We are The School of Engineering

of the National Autonomus University of Mexico
Palacio de Minería

Our Heritage+225 years of history

We are the first engineering school founded in the continent, our origin dates back to the Real Mining Seminar 225 years ago, since then we have dedicated ourselves to train professionals who have transformed our country.

Facultad de Ingeniería

Our MissionEducating Engineers

Generate human resources in Engineering with a comprehensive education of academic excellence, with ecological, ethical and humanist conscience, that commits them to stay permanently updated; capable of solving problems in a creative and innovative way according to the field of their competence; as well as to carry out scientific and applied research depending on society needs and the impact on national development.

Why choose Us?

ExperienceHigh level faculty and researchers

We work hard in research and development, and technological innovation through the training of engineers capable of responding to social needs and problems, with the purpose of building a stronger, more competitive and productive country

Faculty members
Graduated annually

Our Strengths


25 buildings with more than 90 thousand square meters of construction; 166 laboratories and workshops; 5 libraries with 530 thousand volumes.


The School offers seven doctoral programs and 10 master’s degree programs, all registered in the National Program for Quality Graduate Studies of the National Science and Technology Council.


The Mechanical Design and Technological Innovation Centre, the Advanced Engineering Centre, the Micro Electro- Mechanical Systems Laboratory, the Surface and Coating Engineering Center, the Materials Research and Technical Support Unit. 62 faculty members in the National Researches System.


Its extensive infrastructure includes the majestic Palace of Mines (Palaciode Minería) as well as the following facilities in the states of Morelos, Querétaro and Nuevo León: the area of Hydraulics of the graduate degree program in Jiutepec, the High-Technology Center in Juriquilla, and the University Pole of Advanced Technology in Monterrey.


School offers training of engineering professionals through courses, diploma courses, workshops and conferences. Academic programs of knowledge updating and deepening in all disciplines of engineering. Specialized assistance to public and private institutions through exclusive academic programs. Design of courses, diploma courses and workshops according to the specific needs of the requesting entities.


The School serves a population of nearly 15000 students and offers 13 bachelor’s degree programmes, including 12 accredited by the Accreditation Council for Engineering Education (CACEI) and the recently approved Biomedical Systems Engineering programme

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"Pride to be the first Engineering School in Americas"